Architecture (LT)

VDA KF architectural master program - an essential part of the intellectual environment of cognitive training stage, based on the contemporary approach to architectural training, in order to mobilize the creative powers of the individual develop critical and analytical thinking about professional balanced urban development methods, according to the newly formed socially and aesthetically stimulating environment and how to use it architectural practice. Training process, based on a rich architectural and Kaunas city history, aims to create a modern perspective of the world, responding to the needs of modern society, and therefore guarantees stable professional future. Due to the low ADT KF studying the number of students creates a special close creative connection between the student and the teacher, reminiscent of the classic master-pupil model and allows to highlight the values ​​and characteristics of artistic subtlety, which form a large complex of higher education. The program focuses on the promotion of creativity, the architect includes a broader and deeper analysis of the territory in different areas: sustainable development, systems engineering, construction technology, philosophy, and heritage, cultural landscape, social, art management and other areas. Clear study historical, traditional and socio-cultural aspect of the students will recognize multi-society, including the socially or physically disabled, sense of the needs of the development of an accessible, friendly environment. Postgraduate studies are designed to deepen the understanding of the cultural environment and the technical knowledge to stimulate students' individual creative expression. Through concentration on high environmental structures and small architectural elements (from macro to micro), students will be introduced modern dynamic approach to the historic environment, with special emphasis on the relationship between architecture and the importance of environment in all the research and design process.