Architecture (LT)

Department of Architecture, VAA KF

The studies at the Department of Architecture, VAA KF, are organised on the basis of valid national legal acts, VAA documents (VAA Statute, Regulation of Studies, VAA mission and developmental strategy, Code of academic ethics, etc.), general principles outlined in the Bologna Declaration, and topicalities of the Tuning project.

The Department of Architecture, VAA KF, prepares architecture specialists of the first-cycle university-level studies. The Department of Architecture, VAA KF, has organised the study programme Architecture of the study course of arts since 1996.

The beginning of the Department of Architecture, VAA KF, dates back to 1959 when higher art education of the Kaunas town started to be oriented towards the direction of applied and industrial fine arts. Later the Department of Interior and Equipment was established at the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts Kaunas division. In the 1980s, after various re-organisations, the Department of Industrial Environment[1] was established at the Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts. And only after regaining of the independence of the state, it was possible to establish the Department of Architecture and Design. According to the decision of the Senate, 6 June 1996, the Department of Architecture and Graphic Design at Kaunas Art Institute[2] was reorganised into two independent departments: Department of Architecture and Department of Graphic Design. At the time, the study programme of architecture was prepared on the basis of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, acts of the Senate of VAA and Board of VAA Kaunas Faculty, and suggestions of researchers and teachers as well as taking into consideration preparation of architects in the countries of European Union and North America, developmental tendencies of architecture, requirements for the knowledge and diploma recognition, perspectives of specialisations, etc.