Applied Ceramics | Graduate | Kaunas (LT, EN)

Department of Ceramics and Porcelain of VAA KF

The current VAA KF Department of Ceramics and Porcelain associates its roots with the Kaunas School of Arts, where studies of ceramics were introduced in 1931. Until 1951, ceramics was taught at the Kaunas School of Arts. In 1960, preparation of artists-ceramists began at the Kaunas part-time division of the Department of Applied Fine Arts in the Institute of Fine Arts. This department prepared ceramics specialists in Kaunas for the former fine ceramics factory Jiesia and the factory Dailė. After the introduction of the Porcelain specialization and the full-time specialization of Glass, in 1979, the department was named the Department of Glass and Porcelain. On 20 March 1991, upon the ruling of the Senate, the Kaunas Fine Arts Institute of the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts was founded, where the Department of Glass and Ceramics was opened. In 2003, the Department of Applied Ceramics was founded. In 2011, the departments of Glass and Ceramics were combined into one Department of Glass and Ceramics. In 2015, when the specializations of ceramics and glass were separated, the Department of Ceramics and Porcelain was established.