BA degree in Fashion Design (state code 6121PX019) in the area of Arts and the field of Design is delivered by the Department of Fashion Design, Vilnius Faculty of VAA.

The aim of the program is to provide the student with strategic knowledge and creative skills for a career as a designer or developer of fashion products. Students of the Department of Fashion Design of Vilnius Academy of Arts perform professional internships and find employment with famous designers such as Ramunė Piekautaitė, Julija Janulaitytė-Janus, Juozas Statkevičius, Laura Dailidėnienė, Egidijus Rainys, Lilija Larionova, as well as foreign designer Iris van Herpen, Annie van Herpen, Annis Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, fashion brands Weaving, About, Utena Knitwear, OXOX, Julia Janus, Manish Arora, Balmain.

Graduates understand brands such as D.Efect, KristiAndress, 3.14, REDGREGOR, Mellow, OHMY, 2ru2ra, Tulle Fairy, GP, Agnė Kuzmickaitė, PrettyUgly and others.

The updated study program Fashion Design has attracted teachers with international experience. Students are provided with a comprehensive education on the successful development of a fashion product. The program disciplines teach important fashion research methods: from the creation of initial design ideas to a 3D prototype; from concept to final presentation of the fashion collection, promoting the development of sustainable fashion. Students have excellent opportunities to study and do internships in international Erasmus + and NordPlus exchange programs.

Students participate in various fashion festivals and competitions - Injection, Fashion Infection, Young Designer Prize, Good Design Prize, VIRUS, Design Week, Talks, Createurope: the Fashion Academy Award and more.