Spring semester academic calendar 2022-2023


February 1

The beginning of the spring semester

February 1-14

Additional registration for the elective courses for the spring semester

February 14

Revision/approval of the final BA and MA topics/supervisors

Until February 14

Retaking the autumn semester exams

February 13-15

Open Days

March 15-31

BA spring session of admission exams for Fine Arts, Design, Restoration of Art Objects, Media Art study programs 

March 20-31

Mid-term reviews for BA and MA students

April 3 - May 15

Updating study subject descriptions and programs in the VDA information system for 2023/2024

April 21

Open Days

May 2-16

Granting approval to defend BA and MA final theses

May 17 - June 2

Exam session: reviews of the BA and MA students' courseworks

May 25

Announcement of the preliminary lecture schedule for the autumn semester

June 1-15

Registration for the elective courses for the autumn semester

June 5-30

Examination session: examinations on the general university and study fields subjects; retaking failed exams

June 1-30

Filling in feedback forms

June 2-16

Defences of the BA, MA and Integrated studies theses - the exhibition of students' final works.

June 16 - July 5

Admission exams for BA studies

June 21-30

Awarding BA and MA diplomas at the faculties: Kaunas (BA and MA) - 21st, Klaipėda and Telšiai (BA and MA) - 27th, Vilnius (BA and MA) - 30th

June 26

Master's admission interviews for the study program in the field of History and Theory of Arts

July 5

Admission exams for MA studies in Art, Design, Restoration of Art Objects, and Media Art

June 30

End of the spring semester

August 18

Announcement of the final lecture schedule for the autumn semester

July 1 - August 31

Students' summer holiday