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"Excellent Chef", or the new French cuisine in Lithuanian manors in the 18th century 2021-2024 Vilmonda Palaitienė
Restoration magic: graphite technique 2021-2024 Vilmonda Palaitienė
The Constitution of the Third of May and Panemunė Castle - What Do They Have in Common? 2021-2024 Vilmonda Palaitienė
The magic of restoration: wall painting in curd! Casein paints 2021-2024 Vilmonda Palaitienė
Acquaintance with Panemunė Castle is the residence of the Governor of the Duchy of Samogitia. Build a castle! 2021-2024 Vilmonda Palaitienė
The Magic of Restoration: What Does Old Wall Painting Hide? 2021-2024 Vilmonda Palaitienė
Color black and white photography (grades 6-10) 2021-2024 Gintas Kavoliūnas
Color black and white photography (grades 2-5) 2021-2024 Gintas Kavoliūnas
"How to create a cartoon?" 2020-2023 Ilja Bereznickas
Gaining new cultural experiences at the Telšiai Faculty-Gallery and creative workshops of Vilnius Academy of Arts 2020-2022 Mantas Petreikis
Castle Treasure Hunt (Grades 6-10) 2019-2021 Vilmonda Palaitienė
Castle Treasure Hunt (Grades 2-5) 2019-2021 Vilmonda Palaitienė
Small archeology - let's get to know Panemunė Castle 2019-2021 Vilmonda Palaitienė
Costume design at Vilnius Academy of Arts 2019-2022 Rasa Šapnagienė
How does art come about? Or an acquaintance with Vilnius Academy of Arts 2019-2022 Aistė Burkė

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport / The State Studies Foundation

Young Designer Prize 2021 10 993,80  2021 Irena Turčinavičienė
Young Designer Prize 2020 7 000,00 2020 Marius Urbanavičius
Young Designer Prize 2019 8 000,00 2019 Marius Urbanavičius
Baltic culture within the city walls 8 000,00 2020 Jonas Aničas
Baltic culture within the city walls 6 000,00 2019 Linas Blažiūnas

Other projects

Development of students' psychological counseling and emotional support at Vilnius Academy of Arts 30 200,00 2019-2020 Edita Kavaliauskienė
Baltic culture within the city walls (Klaipeda City Municipality) 3 600,00 2019 Linas Blažiūnas
Professor A. Kliševičius School of Calligraphy and Written Art 3 560,00 2019 Rūta Jakštonienė
Bauhaus ideas. History and contemporary contexts 3 833,00 2019 Rūta Jakštonienė
International Pop up (Spatial) Book Creative Workshop 3 745,00 2019 Rūta Jakštonienė
99% design 2 500,00 2018 Rūta Jakštonienė
International residencies for book art during the Klaipeda Book Fair 2 500,00 2018 Rūta Jakštonienė
International creative workshops dedicated to the anniversary of friendship with Klaipeda city partners 3 100,00 2017 Rūta Jakštonienė