Project activities

Scientific research: Culturological Research of Vilnius Liepkalnis (St. Euphrosyne) Orthodox Cemetery

Project amount (Eur) 56 703,58 Eur
Project duration 2020-10-01 - 2022-09-30
Responsible person Irena Turčinavičienė
Reasearch trainee Jurgita Kristina Pačkauskienė
Head of Research Internship Dr. Dalia Klajumienė

About the project.

The project is dedicated to fundamental research of the monuments in Vilnius Orthodox St. Euphrosyne (or Liepkalnis) cemetery and dissemination of its results. Sepulchral heritage research is particularly important in Eastern Europe, where the preservation and restoration of historic cemetery and its tombstones began only at the end of the 20th century. Basic research to assess the tangible and intangible heritage of this species is still lacking. Cemeteries of Russian ethnic groups - Orthodox and Old Believers' religious communities are the least studied in Lithuania. Old Believers’ cemeteries are less valuable from an artistic point of view, while Orthodox cemeteries are of high artistic quality and rich in typological diversity.

EU Structural Funds for Vilnius St. Euphrosyne cemetery research would help to identify the most valuable monuments of artistic and historical interest in a short period of time and would open up a new research area of intangible heritage in Lithuania - the culture of visiting orthodox graves and maintaining the monuments, which is still alive in this cemetery. Establishing the cultural values of the monuments from the old part of the cemetery is likely to speed up the process of their inclusion in the list of Lithuanian cultural heritage, increase public awareness of this type of heritage and contribute to its preservation.

The source of funding is the European Union Funds Investment Action Program