Project activities

Manufacturing, Development and Survival of Brass Chandeliers in the 16 th -18 th Century: Case Studies in Lithuania and Latvia 

Project amount (Eur) 66 499,55 Eur
Project duration 2020-09-14 - 2022-09-13
Responsible person Irena Turčinavičienė
Reasearch trainee Alantė Valtaitė - Gagač
Head of Research Internship Dr. Rūta Janonienė

About the project.

The research will feature the comparison of 16th-18th Century Lithuanian and Latvian brass chandeliers and a reconstruction of the lost overview of chandeliers of the period in Lithuania, carried out via the most typical cases in Latvia. The results of the research will be reflected in two scientific articles, two scientific conferences in Lithuania and abroad, and the Scientific Catalog of Sources, possessing a practical value. The data on the surviving chandeliers of 16th-18th Century and the workshops active during the period, collected during the pupillage in Latvia, would allow to detect similar cases in Lithuania and analyse Lithuanian chandeliers in a much wider international context. The research will fill a gap of inquiries into not just Lithuanian and Latvian, but European historical interiors and cultural heritage.

The source of funding is the European Union Funds Investment Action Program