Project activities

Internships after doctoral studies. Design of eco-friendly furniture from plant fiber biocomposite, applying the methodology of new design of constructive structures.

Project amount (Eur) 42 502,40 Eur
Project duration 2017.11.28 – 2019.11.27
Responsible person Irena Turčinavičienė
Reasearch trainee Inga Valentinienė
Head of Research Internship Prof. dr. Rasutė Andriušytė-Žukienė

About the project.

The goal of this project is to create methods of design of ecologicalobjects (furniture) which would be based on the new inventions of natural biocomposite construction materials. It is an effort to send an eco-friendly message to society and inparticular to designers, pointing out that ecodesign is not about recycling and trash design butabout preservation of natural resources and ability to create products from renewable andbiodegradable materials from the very beginning of the product lifecycle.

The project will aim to:

  • Study the possibilities of application of alternative construction materials (plant fibers made from annually renewable long-fiber plants such as flax, nettle and hemp) and bioplastic composite) in the furniture industry.
  • Create a library of examples of new biocomposite materials (including descriptions of technical characteristics) to be used by designers;
  • Publish the monograph, which would consist of described and illustrated objects of ecological design, furniture design techniques, purified new ecological constructional structures (which a. do not have different kinds of materials; b. requires less energy in a recycling phase; c. are functional, durable and aesthetic). This monograph would include principles of organic furniture design and manufacturing, but would also serve as a methodological tool for designers in other fields as well.

The source of funding is the European Union Funds Investment Action Program