Practical information

Average cost of living per month in Vilnius

Average monthly living expenses are estimated from 400 to 700 EUR, depending on the type of accommodation and individual needs. 

Average prices:
Academy dormitories/Hostel: 100-200 EUR
Flat/room rent in the city centre 200-400 EUR
Meals in academy canteen 3 EUR
Meals in the city centre 5-9 EUR
Public transport monthly student ticket 5,80 EUR
Public transport single ticket 1,00 EUR

Healthcare and health insurance

In cases of accident or emergency please go to the nearest hospital or call ​112​.
In case of a medical problem you can apply to public or private clinic. The nearest public clinic to the Faculty of Vilnius is Centro poliklinika
It is always recommended to ask your student mentor or international coordinator for assistance.
It is mandatory to obtain health insurance for the entire period of stay before upon arrival. EU citizens holding an European Health Insurance Card (EIC), would get only necessary and emergency health care free of charge. Therefore, additional health insurance is highly recommended. Please refer to your home social/health security authority before arrival. More information about EHIC can also be found here.

Student ID card

We recommend to use international student card ISIC as it gives the same benefits as national student card, but is easier and quicker to obtain.
You can order your ISIC at

Transportation in Vilnius

Public tansport system in Vilnius consists of buses and trolley-buses which start running at 5 in the morning and stop at midnight. 
Monthly student ticket costs 5,80 EUR + 1,50 EUR for ticket card Vilniečio kortelė.
Also very simple and convenient way to get tickets and information is by using mobile app TRAFI:
Variety of taxi services including Taxify and Uber are also available.

Phone and Mobile networks

Lithuania international phone code +370
Prepaid phone and mobile internet services:

BITE (Vodafone) labas
TELE 2 Pildyk