From the 17th till the 21st of November Vilnius hosted KUNO workshop "The Anatomy of Vaporwave Vol. 4". This was the 4th workshop on this topic in VAA.

Students were introduced to Vaporwave strategies and aesthetics. Throughout the workshop students learned methods of appropriation and together created a Vaporwave album, album art and music videos for the songs created during the workshop.

Students also acquired new skills in using editing tools: Audacity and FL Studio for sound editing, GIMP for image editing and DaVinci Resolve for video files.

The organiser of the workshop was the Head of the Site-specific art and Scenography department Dr Vygintas Orlovas.

Singles from the upcoming album were presented during the event on the 18th of November and can now be accessed on YouTube.

The album "One Person And - 24h” is already available on platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and others.

The workshop had an even bigger accent on internationality than usual. Students from the KUNO network came from universities in Norway, Finland and Latvia, but this group included students who were originally from Taiwan, Canada and Denmark. Also, local students that joined the workshop also included a lot of international full-degree students as well as Erasmus+ exchange students. VAA's group was made by nationals from Lithuania, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Belarus and Izrael.