Viktoriia Khomovnenko: I've been drawing for as long as I can remember myself

Viktoriia Khomovnenko, (Department of Site-Specific Art and Scenography) shares her impressions and feelings at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA) and says that she has been drawing for as long as she remembers herself.

" From a young age, I already knew that my profession would be related to art. One of the earliest memories I have is a wall in my mother's kitchen full of my hanging drawings. "

"There was a period of time when I didn't understand what I wanted to achieve in life. Little by little, I forgot my love for drawing, but my passion for art never stopped burning. What is given and innate cannot disappear. "

The student says that when her doubts passed, the girl started to draw a lot again and this was a serious step that started her decision.

" Let's think about the word "art". How wide it is! Interesting feelings, isn't it? I felt like a drop of water in an endless ocean. All I can say is that art is my life, which has brought me out of hostile actions. Today, as a free person, I am happy that I have a place where I live and get the knowledge that is valuable to me. I still admire the VDA, because I‘ve never got so much freedom, inspiration and energy. Many thanks to professor Jonas Kazlauskas, lecturer Jurgita Jankutė for the great support and contribution to my development. "

As the student mentioned – at the moment she tries not to think about the future.

" When I was studying in Kyiv, I had many life plans that fell apart. I realized that life is a river that flows as it wants. L. Z. Eidlin says that "naturalness is that primordial freedom, limited only by natural conditions, and for which a person would be born if the dusty network of the world's hustle and bustle did not await him."

" I think that this naturalness should appear by itself, without any effort, so I try to live today and take as much as possible from it," Viktoriia Khomovnenko, a student of the Department of Applied Art and Scenography of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, shares her experiences, memories and experiences. "