On June 3rd–14th the Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA) is opening the second public Graduation Show – all Bachelors’ and Masters’ artworks which are being defended this year - will be presented to the public.

The Graduation Show is not only an opportunity to get to know how young artists live and think, but also to familiarize with the Vilnius Academy of Arts, its study programmes, new spaces, tools of expression, forms, and possibilities. For two weeks, during which the graduation show will be taking place, visitors would get a chance to view more than 300 creative final bachelors’ and masters’ projects.

“Graduation Show marks a new life chapter ending with studies, which is crowned by a diploma ceremony for professional artists and a show for the audience. At the same time, it marks the beginning of an independent career as an artist. Bidding farewell to this year’s Academy graduates we would like to provide a platform in which they can openly and loudly introduce themselves to the public”. – says prof. Ieva Skauronė, Rector of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. 

The Graduation Show, which is dispersed over 40 locations in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, and Telšiai will help familiarize with the upcoming young generation of artists, designers, restorers, architects, and art historians, as well as will help experience how new contemporary art and design tendencies come to life. 

In Vilnius, main expositions will be held in three VDA buildings – Maironio St. 6 (VDA Old palace), Malūnų St. 5 (VDA New palace), and Maironio St. 3 (VDA exhibition hall “Titanikas“). There will be other spaces for visitors: Vilnius Academy of Arts galleries (“Artifex“, “Akademija“, “5 Malūnai“, “Kreatoriumas“, A. and A. Tamošaičių gallery “Židinys“, VDA “Lauko ekspo“), LDS galleries (“Arka“, “Pamėnkalnio galerija“, “Dailininkų sąjungos galerija“, “Medūza“), galleries “Atletika“ and “Vartai“, M. Mažvydo library, and other exhibition spaces.  

In Kaunas all expositions will be presented in the Vilnius Academy of Arts Kaunas faculty (Muitinės St. 2) and ,,Meno parkas” gallery (Rotušės a. 27) on June 4th-14th.

In Telšiai – VDA Telšiai gallery (Kęstučio St. 3-2) and VDA Telšiai faculty (Muziejaus St. 29). The exhibition will be open on June 3rd-26th.

In Klaipėda – Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre (Bažnyčių St. 4). The exhibition will be open on June 7th- July 7th.

All expositions at VDA are open to the public everyday Monday – Saturday 14:00–19:00. 
* In Vilnius during “The Culture Night“ (06 07) – until 23:00.

The students themselves - the authors of the projects - will be present at the exhibitions. 

During this Graduation Show there will also be excursions, opening and closing nights, discussions, film displays. 

Entrance to the Graduation Shows in all cities is free of charge.

* Particular working hours and locations of all expositions | www.vdagraduation.lt