The International Trade Fair in Nuremberg will take place from 27th to 30th of October. It is one of the most important trade fairs for ideas, inventions and innovations in Europe. This is the first time Vilnius Academy of Arts is participating in the fair. Simonas Milišauskas, Denis Orlenok, Deividas Juozulynas and Ignas Kuncevičius, researchers of the InoAkademija project, will be presenting their work at the exhibition. 

“FlyInn” Insect Hotel by Denis Orlenok 

The FlyInn is a unique smart hotel for beneficial insects. The product helps to promote biodiversity and offers a comfortable stay for insects that play an important role in pollinating plants and naturally killing various garden parasites. The elegant design of the insect hotel is distinguished by clear lines. Its style and functionality means it can be easily integrated into any urban or domestic environment. The modular system allows you to easily assemble modules according to your needs and to attract different insects: ladybugs, butterflies, green lacewings, bees, bumblebees and others.

Modules can be purchased according to your needs and rearranged to create a unique solution. For the inner hotel filling only natural materials are used, and the outer box is produced in small quantities on demand. The upper triangular module emits scents that attract beneficial insects depending on the time of day, temperature and humidity. To reduce the use of single packages, the user is encouraged to regulate the amount of insect-attracting liquid. FlyInn is a unique educational and nature-saving tool that will find its place in any backyard!

“Edurega” Remote Learning Device by Deividas Juozulynas

First-person videos are one of the most effective ways to learn practical skills. They are particularly convenient when there is no possibility to show the process or repeat it physically.

Edurega is a headset that allows you to demonstrate your practical skills from a personal perspective. To share your knowledge, just make high-quality video and audio recordings using the device. Others can gain access to the recordings and learn by viewing them multiple times.

Unlike its analogues, the headset, together with the online platform, allows you to create engaging educational content for remote learning and help improving practical skills. For businesses, it offers an innovative way to train employees and increase their competence, and for educational institutions it’s a handy way to teach students practical skills.
Iziconn Modular System by Ignas Kuncevičius

Modular design can help vastly reduce negative environmental impact, e.g. by simplifying remanufacturing processes already at a design stage through modular structures and standard components. The main function of the “
Iziconn Modular System - modularity - not only helps to solve the problem of unsustainable consumerism, but also facilitates production and adaptation to critical changes in the electronic device market.

Technologically similar analogues of the Iziconn Modular System emphasize modularity only as a possibility to use the same connector, i.e. connect specific devices without using the full potential of modularity in the design of the product. However, the modularity actually allows the user not only to link the battery module with another module/cell, but also to combine the modules with each other. The Iziconn Modular System allows you to have many different functions in one device, changing and adapting them according to one’s needs.
 Prosthetics for amputated hand fingers by Simonas Milišauskas

System for fully or partially amputated hand fingers prosthetics, which aims to partially restore lost finger function. System follows 3D scanning - computer driven generation - 3D printing manufacturing model for minimizing prosthesis adaptation and price. Additionally, such a manufacturing process allows the creation of a unique, unified design esthetic product, which, instead of imitating reality, functions as personal style detail. The goal of the system is to create economical prosthetics, reachable for a wide spectrum of hand finger amputees, as well as contributing to their psychological well-being. 
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