16 students from the Site-specific Art, Graphic Art and Art History and Curatorship departments visited Tallinn and Narva and participated in The Moment workshop. Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) was organised together with Estonian and Austrian students. The workshop seeks to "land into a place, to contemplate, feel and reflect about the time and space around us. How we feel, and what surrounds our bodies and minds. By meeting people, visiting exhibitions, institutions and what stands in between certain places during the days", students' task was to create a visual or textual essay about today, about the moment we are into.

Students share their experiences:

The workshop at EKA was amazing. It was based on discussions and visiting exhibitions, so it gave the opportunity to experience Estonian art scene lively and first hand. In addition , we had the chance not only to explore Tallinn, but also visit interesting town of Narva. The exhibition "Where is the body" in Narva Art Residency was quite memorable and vivid. Also, I think it is important to mention that lecturers, who organized this event, were not only insightful and helpful with their answers and suggestions, but also really friendly and welcoming.


The trip to Talinn was truly awesome, I thought that the art culture of Talinn was quite advanced, I was impressed with many of the museums and galeries that we visited. Also, it was really cool that many of the se spaces were in oldschool industrial buildings, I think those kind of sites be it galleries or bars really made Talinn feel diverse and historical. EKA surprised me with it's moderniyy and a contrasting laid back atirude and aproach. The trip to Narva was also amazing. Thank you to all who participated in organising this experience for all of us, I know that it most likely wasnt easy, so I really appreciate the efforts of the EKA staff and ofcourse all of the other people that made this collaboration possible.


The trip was very informative, we got the opportunity to visit Estonian contemporary art museums and galleries. The program was intense, but well structured and managed. The workshop was based around discussions and it was great to get to know each other and different perspectives on topics discussed. The highlight of the trip was definitely the day trip to Narva, it was so different from what we had done and seen the days before, and the exhibition "Where is the Body?" was a great end to the trip.