On 21-25th March Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) Graphics' Department lecturer dr. Rūta Spelskytė-Liberienė led a course "Talks on Beasts" for KUNO network students from the Nordic-Baltic academies of art in Iceland, Estonia, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. During the 5-day long course students analyzed the use of living organisms in human activities and looked for the right relation for the future.

The course aims to approach and reevaluate alive organisms that are commonly used as materials for human needs, and use group imagination to find and discuss more plural and symbiotic narratives of the presence. 5-day talks began with an introduction of stories and specimens of instrumental usage of alive organisms such as cochineal bugs, silkworms, indigo plants, kombucha, etc.
The group then shifted into imagining methods of future alchemy and cohabitation and searched for inspiration and examples in the surrounding art/world, literature, sci, sci-fi, extro-sci fi. The workshop concluded by making drawings, maps, plans, or readings of tomorrows.

Dr. Rūta Spelskytė-Liberienė works with alchemical structures such as creating pigments, liquids, shamanic instruments based on true and fictional stories. Her main interest at the moment is in human geology, magnetotactic bacteria, and the octahedral geometry of magnetite.