Theoretical Seminar & Critical Meeting
Visual Art and Design MA and Art PhD students

October 13th, 1:00 pm. Malunu st. 3 (VDA C1 building), 102 room.

Lecture is open and held in English. Moderator prof. Henrik B. Andersen.

Jan Bäcklund

With Jan Bäcklund, associate professor of art theory and art history The Royal Academy of Fine Arts


October 13th

13.00-14:30 Lecture „Embodied Futures: Walid Raad, the Niaux Cave, and the Perfective Future of the Work of Art“. Doc. Jan Bäcklund
14:35-15:20 Gintaras Linkevičius (MA I grade, Sculpture Department)
„Renatas/Antenna“. An attempt to express mans sensitive personality – "reciver" and his realation with the media through the figurative portrait. Sculpture works as a TV antenna and stands on the roof of the VAA. Incoming TV signals can be seen on TV in the porter station.


15:25-16:05 Konstantin Gaitanži (Art PhD I grade, Painting Department)
„All Souls Day“

„All Souls Day“

16:10-16:55 Eglė Grėbliauskaitė (Art PhD, I grade, Sculpture Deparment)
„Arch of Triumph“ Independence square, next to the Houses of Parlamet, Vilnius

„Arch of Triumph“ 

16:55-17:10  Closing word. Jan Bäcklund

October 14th

13-13:45 Kęstutis  Montvidas (MA II grade, Sculpture department)
13:55-14:40 Arnas Anskaitis (Art PhD I grade, Photography and media Department)
„n“, 2016. The Rhetorics of Alphabet. Artist's Systems of Knowing, Mapping and Exposition


14:45-15:30  Ona Juciūtė (MA I grade, Sculpture Department)
„Showcase“. Artist is using tangible material to deal with variant cultural and social habits that are met indirectly.


15:30-15:40 Coffee break
15:40-16:10 Saulius Leonavičius (Art PhD I grade, Photography and media Department)
„Fuck Language“. Documentation. An attempt to connect clothing design and neurohacking. Such psychonout's costume is a tool to manipulate state of body and consciousness. 

„Fuck Language“

16:15-16:45 Sonata Pilinkaitė (MA IV grade, Metal Department, Telšiai)
„Your motivation is here“

„Your motivation is here“

16:45-17 val. Closing word. Jan Bäcklund

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