Vilnius Academy of Arts invites you to join the artistic initiative of solidarity with the people of Ukraine by putting yellow tapes on the windows of buildings. This simple and easy-to-implement installation not only shows support towards the Ukrainian people, but also reminds us of important events in Lithuania.  

During explosions, tapes attached to windows can cushion the shock waves and protect not only the windows themselves, but also people from being hurt by large shards of glass. During the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Vilnius Academy of Arts' faculty and students put such tapes on the windows of its buildings.  

The idea of expressing solidarity with the people of Ukraine in this way was conceived by Valentyn Odnoviun, an artist of Ukrainian origin and a doctoral student and lecturer at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Together with the Academy's community, he draws attention to the need of helping each other and especially defending ourselves against aggressors. "In the cities of Ukraine under attack, you will notice buildings with taped windows. Every Lithuanian citizen will be reminded of 13 January 1991," says Valentyn Odnoviun, recalling that at that time the windows were shattered by Soviet tanks firing at unarmed people.

Today, Russian bombs are destroying apartments, shops, hospitals and even museums in various Ukrainian cities. The artist says that Ukrainians are also fighting for the future of the whole of Europe, the whole democratic world. "So, the tapes on the windows are intertwined as if being the patterns of the fabrics of different nations," says Valentyn Odnoviun. 

Agnė Narušytė, professor at the Department of History and Theory of Art, Vilnius Academy of Arts, prof. dr. "Thirty years ago, Lithuania managed to regain its independence not only through its own determination and will, but also with the support of others. At our protests, flags of other nations were flying alongside the tricolour. Ukraine was with us then. Now we are with Ukraine. The taped windows are a symbol of our common struggle. Only together will we remain strong, united by this ornament as a trace of the sad events of history and the present", says the art historian.

Anyone can join this initiative since the creative process is very simple. All you need is a window, a yellow or yellowish-coloured adhesive window glass tape and a pair of scissors. Vilnius Academy of Arts invites any individual, family or organisation willing to support the people of Ukraine in their struggle against a fierce aggressor to join this artistic solidarity initiative.