Sound installation "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" by Barbora Matonytė in the former elevator shaft of the Estonian Academy of Arts

On 21-23rd October The Estonian Academy of Arts hosted a meeting for members of the KUNO network of Nordic and Baltic art academies which brought together representatives from 18 higher education institutions in a combination of remote and on-site events.

The event was attended by 8 representatives from Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA). The programme of the meeting focused on issues related to the challenges of art studies in the context of consumer society and the sharing of experiences on how to fully prepare professional artists in the face of the pitfalls of the higher education system. The event included presentations from Nicolas Bourriaud, Cecilie Andersson, Laura Toots, and Eik Hermann. There was also a moderated discussion among the participating members of the network.

The KUNO EKSPO exhibition organized by Estonian Academy of Arts exhibited works by students from schools belonging to the network, including the sound installation “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” by Barbora Matonytė, a sculpture student at the VAA.

Poor is a work that conveys only one message to everyone, - said Nicolas Bourriaud. Good work opens up interpretative expanses. In this respect, Barbora's installation is really great!

Vice Rector for Studies dr. Ieva Pleikienė

At the same time, a week-long KUNO express course was held in Tallinn to initiate the first KUNO biennial. The course was attended by a student of Art and Curation Programme Ugnė Brazytė who is one of the curators of this year's final master's thesis exhibition at the Titanic Exhibition Halls of the VAA.

KUNO network promotes international cooperation between its members (various projects, long-term and short-term mobility of students and teachers). KUNO network in 2021-2025 is administered by VAA.