On December 13, at 15:00 (LT time zone, GMT+2) the VAA prof. Ian Damerell will give an online lecture - "The line is drawn here. Personal thoughts on drawing in contemporaneity". 

Lecture summary:

  • Personal preferences regarding drawing in contemporaneity;
  • How drawing contributes to a contemporary cultural scene dominated by the aesthetics of commercial mass media;
  • Drawing is fundamental, not only to art and related disciplines, but to society. Most human-made objects were once, in the process of discovery and development, drawn. It is no over-statement to claim that drawing created our world;
  • The emergence of drawing as a major focus in contemporary art.

Zoom link
Meeting ID: 853 0556 3394
Passcode: 429179

Short description of the lecturer:

  • Welsh visual artist and professor, born London, Britiain, 23.08.47;
  • Grew up in North Wales;
  • Lives in Oslo Norway and Vilnius, Lithuania;
  • 7 years art education culminating at Royal College of Art, London;
  • Professor at Goldsmith’s College of Art (‘80s). Visiting lecturer at Roya;
  • College of Art, London (‘80s). Presently at Vilnius Art Academy.