Baltic art higher school students drawing contest exhibition is held annually in Vilnius Academy of Arts.

The aim of this exhibition is to introduce the ideas of young artists, to show their creative and professional skills, to encourage innovation and to reveal the potential variety of drawing. It is obvious that the project focuses on more universal aims. We believe that the exhibition will help to boost the professional prestige of the young artists, to disseminate experimental and academically motivated art and to develop VAA and country international relations.

Contest winners will be awarded 3 awards (500, 300,100 euros and 10 day relaxation in Nida Art colony) as well as 9 diplomas. The artworks of all 12 winners will be included in the exhibition catalogue and the winners of the first three awards will be granted the right to hold personal exhibitions in the Academy's galleries.

Important information 

  • The contest is open for the Baltic and neighbouring higher art schools’ students of all study cycles and who are under 30.
  • Individual drawings or their cycles are presented for the contest.
  • One author can present no more than three drawings (or cycles) created in 2015-2017. The longest side should not exceed 2.5 meters.
  • The candidates electronically fill in the indicted forms applications by 31-07-2017 and the jury in a distant way select drawings that will participate in exhibition-contest by 01-08-2017.
  • Selected drawings are provided to VAA museum by 10-09-2017.
  • Contest drawings are signed, sustainable, prepared for exhibiting, indicating the metrics of the drawing (author, title, year, technique, measurements, educational institution). Digital storage of the drawing should be provided. If the drawings are not prepared properly they are not selected for the contest.

Application form

Artworks for the exhibitions are selected by the six-member drawing contest jury confirmed by VAA Rector. The contest results are to be published on October 2.

For more information please contact:

Dean of Vilnius Faculty VAA
Assoc. Prof. Česlovas Lukenskas