Henrik Bjørn Andersen (born in 1958) - Danish sculptor, a lecturer at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1999-2008, from 2008 has been teaching at the Sculpture department of Vilnius Academy of Arts.

You are kindly invited to the last online lecture this year, on Wednesday, 16 December 2020, 15:00 (LT time zone, GMT+2). The last lecture will address the question of the Art museum of the future and the artistic practice. Professor Henrik B. Andersen and the Director of the Museum of Modern Art, Arken in Denmark, Christian Gether will discuss a number of topics such as:

1. The Art Museum in the future.
2. The social and political dimension with reference to the development of contemporary art.
3. Democratic approach to the art museum in the future.
4. Democracy - modernity - horizontal meeting with the audience.
5. Merlou - Ponty.
6. The Participatory Museum.
7. The open work of art, which is created in the meeting with the audience.
8. Who has the authority: the museum, the audience, the artwork?
9. The artwork's identity journey from easel to art museum.
10. Hierarchy. Artist - artwork - art historian - audience.
11. The museum from container to media and medialization.
12. The Art Museum as an Ecological System. Art Museum nature and science.
13 The significant shift of the work of art through the ages.
14.  The museum's update in relation to the surrounding reality.
15. Collection from modernist elite to broad representation.
16. The museum mediates between an art - interested public and the artist.
17. The late modernist artists are no longer as exclusive as the romantic, modernist genius. Museum and avant-garde concept.
18. The Art Museum as a distribution system of significance.
The lecture will start with a short visual introduction to the Art Museum Arkens architecture and collection.

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Past lectures:

4 November, 15:00 (LT time zone, GMT+2) To initiate and open a discussion of the artistic media and its current potential.

11 November, 15:00 (LT time zone, GMT+2) Two concrete analyses of media mediation. The painter’s Troels Wørsel work series, pirate flag and the photographer’s Peter Funch photo Project 42ND and Vanderbilt.

18 November, 15:00 (LT time zone, GMT+2) A conversation with the researcher Ulrik Schmidt at Roskilde University Denmark about the concept of the figural and mediation in artistic practice, the question is how to think of the form and image in current artistic practice beyond the concept of identity.

25 November, 15:00 (LT time zone, GMT+2) In recent years, curators and directors of art museums have begun to view the art museum as more than an archive of works of art. Inspired by the artists, they have begun to see the art museum as being an equal media side by side with the traditional artistic media. A conversation with the Director of the Museum of Modern Art, Arken in Denmark, Christian Gether about the art museum as a media, and its significance for the future museum will take place.

2 December, 15:00 (LT time zone, GMT+2) A conversation with the researcher Ulrik Schmidt at Roskilde University Denmark. The Generalized Image. Imagery Beyond Representation on Early Avant-Garde Film. The lecture will touch upon and reflect on phenomena such as Art as Mediality and Formatting (Pierre Huyghe). When the figurative becomes abstract (Gilles Deleuze / Francis Bacon). And Art as a means of referring to something that can be imagined but which does not have a picture (Medialisation).

9 December, 15:00 (LT time zone, GMT+2)  An introduction and discussion to Juliane Rebentisch's book, The Theories of Contemporary Art. German title Theorien der Gegenwartskunst.