Shepherding is a way to get to know the surrounding environment, local flora and the cycles that are happening in nature. During the meeting with the shepherds on Saturday, colectivo amasijo and Milda Laužikaitė shared stories about the time they have spent together with the sheep and how that changed their relationship to nature. 

Together with other participants, the shepherds collected edible plants and herbs from the forest: cranberries, wild carrot, jersey cudweed, dog rose, creeping woodsorrel, black nightshade, piojito (potato weed) and thyme. 

The tour ended with a picnic that was prepared by colectivo amasijo. The food included local fish zander and bream, seasoned with the herbs found in the forest and fresh bread made from starter dough provided by the friendly staff of bakery “Gardumėlis” in Nida.

Neringa Forest Architecture tours are happening every Saturday this October at 12pm. Registration is mandatory by e-mail:

The programme is implemented as part of the ongoing Neringa Forest Architecture (NFA) project at NAC, developed within the framework of NERINGA - Lithuanian Capital of Culture 2021.