Mariia Isaieva: Monumental art - the form of communication creating a broader and diverse attitude

Mariia Isaieva, a VDA student from the Department of Site-specific art and Scenography says that since childhood she dreamed of becoming a teacher or lecturer, teaching drawing or composition subjects.

"Now I can count that I have been drawing for eight years, and 5 out of those 8 years - I understand that this is my future. The war in Ukraine led to my coming to study at the Vilnius Art Academy. Some time ago, I could not even imagine what I would have to go through. I am very happy that I now live in a city where I feel good. In addition, I am very grateful for such a warm and cozy reception."

Mariia says that she chose the direction of monumental art because it is a new and untested field and she is studying to be able to speak the language of art.

"I believe that this form of communication creates a broader and more diverse public attitude. After completing my current studies, I plan to study for a master's degree. After the latter, continue to study and gain more and more knowledge and experience. Life is unpredictable and hope, it doesn't have other plans for me."

"I think that Vilnius Academy of Arts does everything for high-quality and extremely professional education for students. I am happy that the academy works purposefully and seeks to achieve its goals. VDA students feel gratitude, so a lot of work is revealed in their creations. "

I sincerely thank everyone who supports Ukraine. My thanks could not fit into one book.

Special thanks to the teacher of the Department of Applied Art and Scenography of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, prof. Jonas Kazlauskas, who gave me more than I could ever hope for.

"THANK YOU for your endless care, understanding, warmth, and attention!",

- Mariia Isaieva, a student of the Department of Applied Art and Scenography of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, shared her experiences, memories and experiences.