The annual KUNO network meeting "Liberating time" took place in Turku, Finland on 20-22 October, 2022. The meeting was attended by approx. 50 representatives from across 18 art academies of the KUNO network.

Last year's activity report has demonstrated that Vilnius Academy of Arts was particularly active in hosting KUNO express courses and intensive courses, having organised 12 of them in total. 109 students from various KUNO art academies participated in these courses, having taken place in various academic departments of the VAA over the past 12 months. Some of them, having appreciated the high quality of their studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts, have subsequently returned to the VAA to study as exchange students and have even enrolled as permanent full-degree students.

Two Vilnius Academy of Arts lecturers, namely Dr. Vygintas Orlovas and Prof. Žilvinas Lilas, presented their teaching activities at the KUNO annual meeting. Their work has aroused great interest among colleagues, who invited them to give workshops or otherwise share their experience in various Nordic and Baltic academies.

During the event, it was announced that next year's KUNO annual network meeting will be held at VAA. VAA will also have the challenge and honour of hosting the first KUNO Biennial, initiated by the KUNO Steering Group. It will showcase the artworks of students from all the academies in the network. The Biennial will be curated by the VAA students and staff in collaboration with the KUNO Steering Group.