Henrik B. Andersen | The Morphogenesis of Mass

Henrik B. Andersen in his exhibition "The Morphogenesis of Mass" will present most recent practices which consist of the artworks, specifically created for the gallery VARTAI. Andersen will represent a series of new sculptures, drawings and photographs that are inspired by the research in nonlinear dynamics of biological systems and the modern understanding of space in physics. Andersen's works can be described as a completely new hybrid phenomenon, in which domains such as synthetics, simulation,  and organic forms and their traces merge to become artificial and natural hybrids, evolving and changing in their field.

Henrik Bjørn Andersen (born 13 May 1958 Hornbæk) is a Danish sculptor.
Based on Minimalism and Conceptual Art, his works combine classical art forms with Postmodernism.  From 1999 to 2008, Andersen was a professor at the sculpture school of the Royal Danish Academy. He has since been a professor in the Sculpture department at the Vilnius Academy of Arts.He teaches Contemporary Sculpture and Theory. He has also taught at the National Film School of Denmark.

Opening of the exhibition is on 22nd of October, 6 pm at gallery „Vartai“, Vilniaus st. 39, Vilnius.
Exhibition will be open until 20th of November.

Due to the situation related to the spread of COVID-19, during the event, please wear protective face masks, keep a safe distance with other visitors and register before arrival.

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