Even eight postdoctoral trainees, who won a competition organized by the Research Council of Lithuania, are going to start postdoctoral fellowships at the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Seven of them: dr. Vitalij Červiakov, dr. Marius Daraškevičius, dr. Viktorija Diak, Assoc. Dr. Rokas Dovydėnas, Assoc. Dr. Vygintas Orlovas, dr. Rūta Spelskytė-Liberienė, dr. Darius Žiūra, will carry out a two-year fellowship at the VDA Fine Arts Institute; and dr. Dovilė Dagienė – at the Klaipėda faculty.

This event is very significant for the Academy in several aspects. We are especially happy that after numerous efforts, doctors of arts participated in the competition for postdoctoral fellowships together with doctors of science on an equal footing, and even seven of them managed to win. This fact testifies to the legitimacy and equivalence of practice-based art research at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in the general context of Lithuanian science and art research.

An important event for the Academic community is that as many as seven postdoctoral trainees will be members of the team of scientists and art researchers of the Institute of Fine Arts. The Institute becomes the research center of the Academy, which includes not only art studies, but also artistic research. It is also important that researchers also choose other VDA faculties. In this way, artistic research competencies spread throughout the VDA.

We really hope that after the end of the postdoctoral fellowship, there will be artists who would love to continue their research career at the Vilnius Academy of Arts.