The Nordplus/KUNO intensive course "Interaction Between Culture and Nature" took place at the VDA Nida Art Colony from 26 September to 2 October 2022. The course, initiated by Dr. Ieva Pleikienė, Vice-Rector for Studies at the VDA, is aimed at curatorial students and is implemented in collaboration with the Latvian and Estonian Academies of Arts and Iceland University of the Arts.

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the Curonian Spit and Nida, to explore the peculiarities and challenges of the lifestyle of the local inhabitants, the manmade environment, as well as the local nature. Based on their knowledge and personal experiences, the student groups developed curatorial projects focused on this special place, which could be implemented at the VDA Nida Art Colony.  The students from six different art schools (in addition to the aforementioned, plus Helsinki University of the Arts and Turku University of Applied Sciences) had the opportunity to work in international teams.

The curatorial experience has been shared with them by the academic staff members: Dr. Julia Fomina (VDA), Triin Metsla (EKA), Prof. Hanna Styrmisdόttir (IUA) and Antra Priede (AAL). Architect Anton Šramkov introduced the students to the invisible side of Nida - the territories of the local inhabitants and the problems of shaping public spaces.

Living together for a whole week, immersed in the exploration of the Curonian Spit, the students have experienced community life in Nida, which is currently emptying out after the summer and sinking into the tranquility of autumn.

The aforementioned intensive course has been financed by the Norpdplus programme.