On 4-8th April Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) Telšiai faculty welcomed Claudia Ose and Reinhard Ose from Germany who led a copper shaping workshop for Metal Art and Jewelry students. 

Having twenty years of experience, the artist couple from Bremen, create jewelry and sculpture out of various materials: copper, silver, gold, coral etc. Claudia Ose – goldsmith and jewelry design specialist who creates unique jewelry pieces. Reinhard Ose – master silversmith who creates art and design objects from copper and bronze. The works of the artists are distinguished by improvisation, playfulness, freedom, humor and a high level of mastery.

During the workshop students were introduced with specialised metal processing, forming technologies: shaping and forming via hammering, chasing, repousse, through which complex shapes and vessels can be created. During the activity, students developed and formed their personal projects as well as applied the acquired knowledge for the implementation of works.

Participants of the creative workshop – VAA Telšiai faculty Metal Art and Jewelry first year students: Indrė Armanavičiūtė, Liucija Bendoraitytė, Emilija Giedraitė, Aleksas Grašys, Ksenija Krasnova, Artūr Manukian, Patricija Pugžlytė, Estera Olendraitė, Deivydas Viščiūnas, Greta Žymantaitė, Emilija Pazniokaitė.

Creative workshop organizers: prof. Laima Kėrienė and asoc. prof. Beata Zdramytė. Assistants: technicians Albertas Gedvilas, Donatas Liekmanis, Airidas Skublickas.

Creative workshops are being implemented by Erasmus+ staff mobility program