We invite everyone to our Christmas art fair “sPRINT”, organized by students from Vilnius Academy of Arts!

When the holiday season is near, this art fair will be a chance to do your holiday present sprint and acquire original works from students, young artists - graphic prints, illustrations, postcards, and other items that are made by hand, - things that you can gift to your family members, friends, pets… or just to yourself!

This also will be a great opportunity to get to know the students of Vilnius Academy of Arts and what they do - creative workshops will take place during the fair:

  • print a linocut made by one of the students on paper, for an additional price - on a tote bag;
  • create a badge, that can be pinned on a backpack, clothing etc;
  • make a beeswax wrap - material coated in wax, reusable for food storage;
  • make a linocut by yourself and print it, the print will be based on Gianni Rodari’s stories. (this workshop will be in english and requires registration kaledu.sprintas@gmail.com).
    More info on this workshop

Cash only!

If you want to participate and sell your works, please register (participants will be selected individually).

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Christmas art fair “sPRINT” will take on December 18th 14-20pm and 19th 11am - 6pm of Vilnius Academy of Arts, Malūnų str. 5, Vilnius.