On 14 March at 11:00 - 12:30Zoë Charlton, an artist from the USA, will give an artist's talk at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Maironio St. 3, Titanic, Auditorium 112.

The talk will be followed by meetings with the BA and MA students and academic staff from the VDA Site-specific Art and Painting study programmes on March 14 and 15. 

Zoë Charlton creates figurative drawings, collages, installations and animations, in which she depicts the subject's relationship to culturally loaded objects and landscapes. She received her MFA (Master of Fine Arts) from the University of Texas, Austin (1999) and her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Florida State University (1993). Zoë is the co-founder of Kindred Creative Residence + Agro-ForesT, a community-based art residency space. Kindred CRAFT is a collective of BIPOC (Black Indigenous and People of color), LGBTQIA+, farmers, artists, educators, and activists committed to teaching sustainable living through regenerative agriculture and to (in)forming communities through arts education. Zoë Charlton joined the faculty of the School of Art at George Mason University in 2022 and teaches undergraduate and graduate students and is Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee. She taught at American University (Washington, D.C.) from 2003-2022 and has served as Chair of the Department of Art since 2009. Charlton serves on an 8-member steering committee at the Baltimore Museum of Art dedicated to rethinking the structures and functions of cultural institutions in order to equitably and responsibly tailor activities to diverse local communities.

Kindred CRAFT Dream House surrounded by woods

Kindred CRAFT Collective members working in the High Tunnel

Image of 'Compansion, Constant', 2015, Baltimore Museum of Art

I’m an artist, facilitator of conversations between artists and communities, and an educator. As an artist, I make drawings, animations, and installations. My primary studio practice is figure-drawing; however, I also make large-scale collages,
installations, animations/videos, and frequently collaborate with other artists. I make drawings with collaged elements sourced from mass produced imagery. This combination of approaches helps the work maintain the appearance of spontaneity, and
My work is largely inspired by my grandmother’s life and the land she owned in the Florida Panhandle and her and her ubiquitous light blue wood house. I’m a board member of the Washington Project for the Arts and a Maryland State Arts Councilor and in my 2nd 3-year term for both organizations. I’ve also worked with two cultural/community arts initiatives centering Black liberation as their core values, The Circuit and The Blacksmiths, spaces where I’ve found the most alignment with my values.

The artist's visit is organized by the US Embassy in Lithuania.

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