About Theoretical Seminars & Critical Meetings

February 23rd and 24th 1:00 pm. VDA C1 building, 102 room, Malūnų str. 3
Seminar is open and held in English.
Moderator prof. Henrik B. Andersen.




Dr. Marc Boumeester, director of AKI Art and Design Academy


"Non-Anthropocentric Desire"

February 23rd 1:00-2:30 pm. 

"The Affordance of Aesthetics"

February 24th 1:00-2:30 pm.

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23-24th, February, 2017

102 room, VDA C1 building, Malūnų st. 3


23rd February

Lecture: „Non-Anthropocentric Desire“ 
Dr. Marc Boumeester, director of AKI Art and Design Academy

Gabriele Vingraite
MA II year, Graphic Art Department

My personal attitude to Heterotopia

This project is about unusual, some specific features having space, i had experienced by myself. During the project, i am trying to analyze what does the term Heterotopia means for me and in what kind of form my idea could be transformed.

Eliska Kovacikova
MA I year, Graphic Art Department

"The Space in the Image vs. Image as the Space"

Closing word
Dr. Marc Boumeester

24th February

Lecture: "The Affordance of Aesthetics"
Dr. Marc Boumeester, director of AKI art and design Academy

Anastasija Sosunova
MA II year, Sculpture Department

Representation of the Terrestrial

The artist questions the contemporary human identity issues and the representation of humankind in the face of the unknown alien other, and suggests new ways of self-perception.

Juste Peciulyte
D.A. II year, Textile Department

Staging with atmospheres and surfaces. Light catchers

An excerpt form my studio work in progress (2nd year PhD 'On interior: ways of modelling atmospheres'. ArcInTexETN doctoral programme). One selection of images illustrates my working method ('staging' with material surfaces). Another one serves as argumentation of the expressional qualities of surface - material interactions.  

Closing word.
Dr. Marc Boumeester