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Until December 8th VDA community has temporary access to Education Source Ultimate (EBSCOhost) database. Available full text e-publications on education: more than 2500 e-journals and more than 500 e-books, including  academic publications, conference materials, education tests. Various topics: higher education, teaching methods, teaching creativity, teaching adults, education management and other. Database is enriched by Thesaurus and videos (more than 400 recordings).

You might be interested in:

Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education

Creative Arts in Education & Therapy

Creativity Research Journal

Designs for Learning

International Journal of Art & Design Education

International Journal of Education through Art

Studies in Art Education

Teaching Artist Journal

Visual Arts Research

Visual Inquiry: Learning & Teaching Art

Access methods:

1. Free access via VDA computers on EBSCOhost.
2. Remote access using EZproxy.

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