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Vilnius Academy of Arts library shows solidarity and support to Ukraine's academic art community which currently defends their country. We invite the VAA community to learn more about the history and culture of Ukraine and present an exhibition of publications about Ukraine "Ukraine -  beautiful faraway land"

The exhibition is composed from the 18th to the 21st-century books, published in Ukrainian, Polish, English, and Russian languages. 
These publications tell about the rich yet challenging history of Ukraine at the crossroads of the 19th-20th century, about different art forms and famous painters, folk and applied arts, and the beauty of everyday craftsmanship.

This prolonged and difficult spring with hope hanging in the air that the light will prevail, while awaiting the most important Christian celebration of the year - Easter - inspired us to open up and share with others a book on world-famous Ukrainian Easter eggs, published in 1968 „Украïнскi Писанки: Ukrainian "Pysanka". 

Let these illustrations in true Easter spirit give us hope for Resurrection. All of the beauty, art, colours, and ornaments that are being destroyed in Ukraine with its buildings, will remain in people's memories. Upcoming artist generations will rebuild, recover, and recreate the art. And all the libraries and museums in the world will come to their aid. 

The exhibition will be held in the Vilnius faculty library's art reading room, from April 8th to 22nd. Opening on April 8th, 1 p.m. 

During the exhibition, you will be able to donate to support Ukrainian refugees who continue their studies at VAA.