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Until November 4th VDA community has temporary access to the academic e-books platform Bristol University Press Digital. Database has more than 1700 e-books, published by Bristol University Press (United Kingdom) (Bristol University Press and Policy Press). List of subjects.

You might be interested in:

Arts, Culture and Community Development. Meade, R. R., & Shaw, M. (Eds.). (2021). 

At Home with Autism: Designing Housing for the Spectrum. Steele, K., & Ahrentzen, S. (2015).

Beyond the Neoliberal Creative City: Critique and Alternatives in the Urban Cultural Economy. Hollands, R. G. (2023).

Creative Research Methods: A Practical Guide. Kara, H. (2020).

Global Perspectives on Youth Arts Programs: How and Why the Arts Can Make a Difference. Howard, F. (2022).

Inside High-Rise Housing: Securing Home in Vertical Cities. Nethercote, M. (2022).

Social Work Research Using Arts-Based Methods. Huss, E., & Bos, E. (Eds.). (2022).

Urban Futures: Planning for City Foresight and City Visions. Dixon, T. J., & Tewdwr-Jones, M. (2021).

Access methods:

1. Free access from VDA computers.
2. Remote access via EZproxy.

During the search select „Content type – Books“. How to search for information (video).

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