The Institute of Art Research and the Kaunas Faculty of the Vilnius Academy of Arts, the Academy of Arts of the Kaunas University of Applied Sciences and the M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art invite paper proposals for the international conference.

We look forward to receiving theoretical papers by academics and artists, as well as alternative and/or interdisciplinary presentations of artistic research on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • the founding of the Kaunas School of Arts: context, vision, changing circumstances;
  • representing the people and the country: the functions of schools of art in modern nation-states;
  • expressing national spirit and opening up to the world: the search for a distinctive national art;
  • an alternative history of the Kaunas School of Arts: counter-narratives and little-known episodes;
  • the Kaunas School of Arts among art academies: parallels, features, contrasts;
  • visions of art academy and conceptions of modern culture in interwar Europe and beyond;
  • teachers and students: generational connections, exchanges, conflicts and the search for continuity;
  • the legacy of ethnic minorities at the Kaunas School of Arts;
  • representatives of the Kaunas School of Arts in exile: memory, tradition and the challenges of new contexts;
  • tradition of the Kaunas School of Arts and turning points in the art of Soviet Lithuania;
  • Lithuanian art today: is the tradition of the Kaunas School of Arts still alive?

Conference date: 15 September 2022

Paper abstracts (about 250 words) and bios (up to 60 words) should be sent by 15 October 2021 to

More information about the conference