Director of the project dr. Dalia Klajumienė

The work in this project is intended for the publication of the monograph which will represent the development of interior décor in Vilnius residential houses since classical till modern style. In the monograph the artistic specialties of wall paintings, plaster moldings, wallcoverings, floorcoverings, fireplaces and stoves from the end of the 18th till the beginning of the 20th centuries are analyzed in conformity with archival documents, historiography, paintings and photographs depicting interiors, analysis of the restorer’s researches. The abundance and variation of the material determined that only Vilnius city (Vilnius had the status of being the centre of the gubernatorial district of the Russian Empire at that time) interiors are analyzed.

In the monograph is to discover reasons that caused changes of artistic expressions, to represent and traverse forgotten and poorly valued manners of decoration, to identify location and meaning of various elements in the wholeness of interior decoration and to find out their interplay.

The project is funded by Research Council of Lithuania (agreement no. LIT-9-23)