Director of the project dr. Jolita Liškevičienė

Aim of the project proposal Allegories and Emblems in Credo of Nicolaus Christophorus Chaletzki is to translate into Lithuanian language and edit as well as to publish two little-known writing works by the nobleman Nicolaus Christophorus Chaletzki (ca 1589−1653). The Armourer of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Chaletzki used to write in Latin and Polish languages, he published two rhetorical writings:  Allegoriae, sive... (Vilnae, 1618) and Binarius Chalecianus, sive duo manipulum liliorum... (Vilnae, 1642). The writing published in Vilnius in 1618 was the first known exposition of private credo made in a new literature form, which merged visual image and word. The second writing is dedicated to the glorification of the Virgin Mary and relates to the foundation by Chaletzki in Valkininkai Church. These two writings not only illustrate piety of the nobleman, but also reveal the important writing heritage of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania which used to thrive nearby travel writings. The research seeks to reveal aims of such publications as well as to evaluate them in the contexts of public credo and faith conversions. The research also aspires to define such printings in the context of catholic and private Books of Prayers, to reveal their literary inspirations and sources of the illustrations as well as the meaning of the subject-matter. To bring out production of the printing-houses/presses of Lithuania of the talked-about period as well as to determine their place in the cultural context of the GDL would also be important.  

Participants: dr. Jolita Liškevičienė (Head of project), dr. Ona Daukšienė, dr. Eglė Patiejūnienė

The project is funded by Research Council of Lithuania (agreement no. MIP-15538).