Exhibition of students of VAA Fashion Design Department  | Prototype Theory 
Project manager designer assoc.prof. Dainius Bendikas

The “Prototype Theory” project derives from theory of human categorization, which is the clasification of the world into certain categories represented by prototypes. Each category is perceived as one structure of knowledge and the prototype as a mental reflection of essential (cognitive) features of a certain category.

Applying an experimental methodology on collection and object   development this project focuses on designer’s subjective perception of a garment as an object in context of contemporary culture and fashion. The work of the creator is implimented via experimental approach, during which it materializes into a collection and actual design objects.

From research to experiment, to collection and object, this is a journey of personalized systematic creative process to find oneself as a creative. Each authors work becomes a detailed portrait representing one’s creative conceptual angle that can be recognized by delving into the process or discovering associative elements and symbols in ones work.

This project as a fashion design course is taught to the 2nd and 3rd year students of Vilnius Academy of Arts, Fashion Design Department.

Participants: Ieva Šlaičiūnaitė, Urtė Vosyliūtė, Kotryna Lipkevičiūtė, Valdemara Jasulaitytė, Marija Petraitytė, Aušrinė Kepežinskaitė

Exhibition opening: 2nd of September at 6 PM at VAA textile gallery Artifex (Gaono str. 1, Vilnius).