Simona Pabrėžaitė | (Dis)harmony of being | 2/6/2022–10/6/2022
Defence of VAA Tekstile art and design department BA student graduate project
Supervisor – doc. Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė

In this exhibition a theme of human as a liminal subject is approached by a few different artworks. Liminal stands for transition period or a phase between two opposites and literally means „threshold“ in Latin. It happens when a subject or a place is no longer the same as it was, but also not completely changed.
Born from the nature, but also a creator of city, a human being stands between a forest and urbanism. In this way creating a relation between the things known and understood and the unknown and unexplored fields. A human becomes point of intersection between the past and the future, known and unknown, from wild roots to the highest technologies.
In a humane media there is a natural form printed. It becomes a link to a contrast between deep forest animal and synthetic plastic. In a video performance a dissimilarity between creating and destroying is being explored. Also, how these two activities often interwine and change places. A
bright dot of light draws attention, standing for civilization, for the urge to create, to explore and search for more. From ancient times humans had a tendency to create, while living in nature, they wanted something else to satisfy their growing needs.
So, a question arises: do we live in harmony or not? We are on the line of two opposites interfering. This contrast doesn`t have one answer. Everyone has a different one.

Exhibition is open for visitors from the 2nd of June from 12 PM.

The graduate project defence is on June 2. Supervisor of the project doc. Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė, VAA Textile Art and design department.