Ona Grigaitė | Sunset  29.4.2020-30.5.2020

Sunset. That word usually arouses sweet images. Last warm sunbeams are melting like a good candy in the mouth. We are waiting for the last sunbeam, as a hopeful promise of tomorrow. And what if tomorrow won't be so hopeful, if the sunset is just a loss, an ending? The candy is falling out of the mouth.

Don't let the image of girls swimming in the red water mislead you. It's not illuminated by the sunset. Actually, the image is recreated Chinese drawing how Chinese are portraying hell. Tireless embellishment, improvement, renewal, setting new goals and aim to accomplish them is somebody's desired everyday (if we would apply portrayal clichés - illuminated by sunbeams), and someone else's eternal stress, nightmare, hell.

Every day, every minute we lose something irreversibly, we regret, grieve because of that. We create our inner hell: imprisoning ideas, intrusive thoughts, visions, feelings. It's nice for those who manage to transform that burning feeling into creative force. For the others is only left to poison others or at least themselves.


Ona Grigaitė

Ona Grigaitė (born 1963) has finished ceramics studies in 1987 at LSSR State Art Institute. From 1988 is participating in exibitions in Lithuania and abroad. Two decades ago was manifesting as an active artist, afterwards was long time working into a drawer or, in this case, onto the shelf. In recent years is again organizing personal exibitions.

Exhibition at the VAA textile gallery Artifex will be opened for visitors from the 29th of March 12 PM (Gaono st. 1, Vilnius).

We remind you that the gallery follows all safety instructions. We will admit 2 people to the gallery at a time. Visitors will be required to wear  face masks. The rooms will be ventilated every hour, the door handles will be disinfected after each visit.