Nastassia Pazniak | Water from Stone | 26/5-31/5/2022

VAA Graphic Art BA graduate project
Supervisor | Lect. Elena Gudzinskaitė

On the 26th of May in the Vilnius Academy of Arts gallery “Artifex“ will be presented Nastassia Pazniak, Graphic Art BA graduate project’s exhibition “Water from Stone”.

The concept of the whole project is based on self-exploration, impressions and philosophical reflections on existing theories of the universe, the psychological structure of mentality, and its relationship with myths. The main idea is taken from Carl Jung's theory of archetypes. The structure of the composition is symmetrical, which is based partly on C. Jung's view of the mandala as a perfect image of psychic wholeness, but without the ideal fractal representation, to create more associations.

At the exhibition, the author Nastassia Pazniak presents an installation, consisting of 6 original lithographs, videos and texts. 

The lithographs reflect six representations of the author's personal archetypal images. The idea behind the artworks is the exploration of self-perception in different situations and the interaction with the inner inscrutable, research of the metaphor of life, and attempts to understand the universe contained within the individual. Lithography is a natural and meditative material, flexible to create a noisy texture, which is important for the author to show the layering and complexity of the world and the intent of the many invisible elements that underlie the structure of all things. As one of the theories of the structure of the universe, the works used the metaphorical image of String Theory: a mental string stretched through all the works, vibrating in different ways, creating new qualities and images. 

Cymatics and fractal videos filmed during the lithograph creation process present the interpretations of archetypical and structure of the universe theories. 

Opening on 26th of May, at 6 pm. The exhibition is open until 31th of May.

The graduate project defence is on May 31. Supervisor of the project Lect. Elena Grudzinskaitė, VAA Graphic Art department.