Karolina Lizurej (PL) | I‘ll open for you a golden sky
18/10 – 4/11/2022  | Curated by Lenka Sýkorová 

Karolina Lizurej has long been interested in the history of the Warsaw Uprising in German-occupied Warsaw, which was both tragic and heroic. It was a time of great Polish history and small personal life stories. The present time shows us that history repeats itself. The war in Ukraine reveals the fragility of contemporary society which is characterized by the search for a subjective sense of fulfilment and success rate. However, the value of a person is given regardless of his success, because humanity is a quality in itself. We teach ourselves still, that we can endure hunger, war, poverty, and disease, but no one can withstand too much abundance, because prosperity makes us apathetic. In present days Cultural historical symbols becoming empty phrases. The resulting impulses show that the Christian tradition, which is part of our European identity, is often a nonchalant empty phrase. For the new exhibition project, Karolina Lizurej was inspired by the poetry of the Polish poet Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, whose work is surrealistic. Through the context of war, the poet talks about love that must end with death and loss. Karolina Lizurej created all of this into the theme of angels, heaven and ruins of bodies and cities. The installation of Karolina Lizurej demonstrates that life is a challenge on the way to finding a spirit that triumphs over materiality. Each element of her installation is a kind of meditation, prayer and metaphysical space.

Polish artist Karolina Lizurej is fascinated and inspired by stories. Her work is included the complexity of the reality in which we live and in which good constantly fights evil in various forms.  Storytelling helps us to find a common thread that allows us to understand not only different generations but also our own identities. By immersing ourselves in stories, we can find wisdom, advice and anchorage in some time and someplace. Karolina Lizurej tells stories through embroidered drawings. She crosses the line between fabric and drawing. She uses a thread instead of a pencil. Her technique of large-format embroidery is very similar to drawings, where threads on a white background provide a testimony of the present concerning the traditions embodied in folk art.

Karolina Lizurej is a young Polish artist. She studied in the Studio of prof. Andrzej Rysiński and the Studio of Artistic Fabrics of prof. Dorota Grynczel of the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She won awards in the Student Section 2012 and the Professional Section 2018 of the International Triennial of the V4 countries - Textile Art of Today. Her artwork focuses on artistic fabrics and the technique of large-format embroidery and reflects both tradition and the contemporary world. Her intermedia artwork also includes painting, drawing, graphics and scenography (e.g. she collaborated on the film Gareth Jones directed by Agnieszka Holland, 2019).

Lenka Sýkorová 

Opening | 18th of October at 6 PM at the VAA gallery ARTIFEX (Gaono str. 1, Vilnius)