Jurga Barilaitė | Bones and Sediment
2019 11 06 – 11 23

Bones and Sediment is an exhibition-installation of dreamlike mental images, drawings and audiovisual objects that serves an introduction or epigraph to a project “Dreams of the Living and Delusions of the Dead” exploring and searching for links or intersections between body, language and liberation and resistance to power ideologies . Dedicated to dead friends, psychoworkers, whose bodies and delusions may be manifested in our dreams. And they have already done so.


The carcass of the story:
Support and protection
Irrational action – waving one‘s hands and feet
The secret of the world and its oblivion
Inscribed in dark lines and wrinkles
Soot, graphite and diamonds
Sediment and eternal ubiquitous coal
The excuse of being cold and your back being sore
dzirkstelīte*[2] traveling
In cosmic rays and through quantum tunnels
The singing king enters
The falcet vibrates the edges of the vocal folds
All our secrets begin with the alphabet
Sound and letter
Our weapons and hiding places

Jurga Barilaitė

[2] Sparkle (Latvian) 


The artist puts out his eyes
Having drawn the smile of a dead little monkey.

(From poem X by Auris Radzevičius. I have seen the draft where the words "Vibrating roar" were blotted out)

About Jurga Barilaitė 

Jurga Barilaitė (1972) lives and works in Vilnius. She graduated from Painting department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 1996. Alongside the mediums of painting and assemblage, gradually she started using drawing, moving image and performance. Barilaitė‘s ideas and imagery originate from her immediate environment: childhood memories and her adolescent rebellion, maternal care and nomadic experience that she combines with a history of art and pop culture. Critical approach towards the local tradition of painting and its discourse, reflection on artist‘s identity and the nature of creative process, as well as the disclosure of feminine construction form the basis of her work. In distinctively performative moving image work the artist employs her body to deliver messages varying from erotica to aggression, sentimentality to irony. The works by Barilaitė are included in the collections of the Lithuanian Art Museum, the Modern Art Center (Vilnius), and private collectors.

Exhibition opening: November 6th (Wednesday) 6 PM.

Bones and Sediment will run in VDA gallery Artifex until November 23.