Walls is a united exhibition comprised of seven textile artists all of which, through their pain and experience, consider certain social situations and how they relate to physical and emotional space.

The project explores the spiritual and physical activity that allows artists to separate from the outer world and contemplate the very individual experiences within their inner self, and how to then go on to recreate them through art.

Each artist’s purpose and circumstances can shape the way they find solutions, it can also play an integral role in the individual rituals they feel empower them.  Prayer, conversation, composing letters and even smoking – these small actions have a sense of performance within them.  

This exhibition looks to understand what home truly means. Is it merely four walls? Or is it the sense of community we feel with other people? What does it mean to feel existentially safe? What does this mean for the wider context, for the more vulnerable people in our society?

 It also reflects on loss. The pain of losing a loved one, to then relieve moments through letters. A child’s letter to their mother, a grandmother’s letters to her granddaughter. These, among others, are a catalyst for asking what it means to reflect on the relationships we have and cherish as well as why are they so important.

Although art can be a very intimate, personal story for the artist, many people can identify with it. The fundamental dimension of what it means to be human eliminates the boundary between the creator and the spectator.

Aistė Mikštė

Translated by Anna Fuschia Scott

Participants of the exhibition:

Marija Žiemytė, Kotryna Danytė, Gabrielė Žiogelytė, Jolanta Sendaitė-Paulauskienė, Klaudija Armonavičiūtė, Augustė Zukaitė, Saulė Poškutė, 3rd year students of the Bachelor's study program in Textile Art and Design, Vilnius Faculty of VAA


Aistė Mikštė, 2nd year student of the Master's program in Art History and Theory, Vilnius Faculty of VAA.

The exhibition is part of “Culture Night” and “Design Week”.

Meeting with artists 25th of September, 2020 at 7 PM