Feliksas Jakubauskas | Untitled | 5–22 April 2022 | VAA textile gallery Artifex

Feliksas Jakubauskas (born 1949) is one of the most prominent contemporary Lithuanian textile artists. He studied textile at the Lithuanian Institute of Art (present-day Vilnius Academy of Arts) in Vilnius. He also graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts (present-day Maholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) in Budapest in 1980 with a degree in textile studies specialising in tapestry. In 1998, the artist was awarded the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize for his works and his contribution to fostering professional Lithuanian textile art.

Throughout his extensive career spanning nearly four decades, he has organised more than 20 personal exhibitions in Lithuania and beyond. His status as an internationally recognised artist is evidenced by the awards that he received at international textile exhibitions held in Lodz, Pittsburgh (U.S.), Cheongju (South Korea), Beijing, Moscow and elsewhere.

His works have been acquired by Lithuanian and foreign museums, public institutions and private individuals. He is a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, the American Tapestry Alliance, the European Tapestry Forum, and other international associations.

Feliksas Jakubauskas’s works require extraordinary attention to detail, intuitive creative process, patience, time and dedication. The artist uses a classical tapestry technique, combining it subtly with Lithuanian traditional weaving technique and patterns. Feliksas Jakubauskas’s tapestries feature abstract compositions consisting of geometric shapes, lines and colour combinations. Transitions, blurred or interwoven elements, different weft textures, and materiality – all these components create the impression of an oscillating work of art. The works convey the artist’s unique world-view and emotions, and his technical mastery is really fascinating.

To quote the artist himself, “So many works have been created, so many exhibitions have been organised that it is has become difficult for me to come up with new names for all of them”. This explains why this exhibition and the works created over the last few years are “Untitled”. Visitors are welcome to embark on a journey of aesthetic experiences without any preconceived ideas and prejudices. Everyone is welcome to contribute to this exhibition with their insights, thoughts and feelings, thus becoming one of its colourful threads.


The exhibition will be on display until 22nd April at VAA textile gallery "Artifex", Gaono str. 1, Vilnius.