Dalia Truskaitė | Now  | 24/01/2023-18/02/2023

The artwork was conceived in peaceful times, it divided space horizontally and provoked the audience by usurping the territory reserved for them. In the middle of an unexpected pandemic, when everything was closed down and life was frozen, the work was first installed in the Art Park Gallery in Dusseldorf.

Then the work existed by itself, occupying the entire space of the gallery void of visitors, acquiring completely different, unexpected meanings.

Currently, the work takes up the space of the VAA gallery Artifex. What meanings does the work acquire now? Probably they are different for everyone. Perhaps, they are experienced more than described in words.

Opening of the exhibition: 24th of January (Tuesday) at 6 PM

The exhibition is part of "SU-MENĖK". February 4, 11 (on Saturdays) the gallery will be open from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on the 5, 12 (on Sundays) – 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Dalia Truskaitė is a contemporary art creator who mostly works with glass. She completed stained glass studies at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, and created stained glass and architectural glass compositions in public and private spaces.In the last decade, she has been working mainly in the field of contemporary art. Creates conceptual, minimalist in expression, site-specific works of art. The artist's works can be classified as belonging to the trend of post-minimalism.

In 2022, Dalia Truskaitė was nominated by the Association of Lithuanian Art Creators for the expressiveness of fragile aesthetics, philosophical suggestion, and conceptuality of glass art.

Lives in Vilnius, is a member of the Lithuanian Artists' Association, and works at the Vilnius Justinas Vienožinskis Art School.




Foto: Zuzanna Czech