Daukantė’s exhibition | Community Payback | 27/9/-14/10/2022  

 “Community Payback” is the third solo Exhibiton of Daukantė Subačiūtė (artist’s pseudonym Daukantė). Daukantė Subačiūtė (born 1991) is a Lithuanian artist and illustrator living and working in Vilnius. She is a graduate of Vilnius Academy of Art in Graphic Design and she and has a master’s degree in Information Design from Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands. The latter is renowned for encouraging conceptual thinking and experimentation, which led her to seek inspiration in the opposite direction. It’s the casual everyday situations that she finds most intriguing. 

Visualization of puns and sayings is sometimes the basis on which Daukantė builds her art. She has said, “Being visually minded, I have a soft spot for wordplay. Words tend to suggest a narrative that I happily build on throughout my process.” Daukantė also exploits pop culture references, which she uses to underline the absurdity of modern world.

Daukantė has a passion for quirky objects. She displays an intriguing series of lamps with a hint of design art. The night lights are intended for a scared cheerleader or a scared cardiologist – everyone is afraid of the dark. Humor can be found in exactness of details. Daukantė uses a lot of visual contrasts in her work. In the exhibition you will see silk-lined bags, embroidered with logos of large retail chains. 
Having collected her best work from the pandemic period Daukantė is inviting the community for payback.
Opening | 27th of September (Tuesday) at 6 PM, at the VAA gallery Artifex (Gaono str.1, Vilnius). 

“Liar liar pants on fire” | markers and pencils on paper | 81x61 cm | 2022