Arūnė Tornau | Hospital | 1/2/2022 – 19/2/2022 

The exhibition in the VAA gallery Artifex is dedicated to the memory of the first Vilnius hospital, which was started in 1702 in the Dominican monastery of the Church of Jokūbas and Pilypas. Over the years, the place changed its name and purpose - it was a hospital, a warehouse for fruit and vegetables, a storage room for the Opera and Ballet Theater, and since the 1940s it was named Pirma Tarybinė Ligoninė (First Soviet hospital). The artist is personally related to this place: she was born in the midwifery department of this hospital (like her two daughters). Her mother worked for 56 years in different departments, so she spent a large part of her childhood in the hospital yard, watching life there. Those impressions have not disappeared, so the author tries to make them meaningful in this exhibition.
Recently, A. Tornau seeks to give a new content to ordinary, obsolete items. By combining different materials, she fills them with new meanings and signs of personal experience. The viewer's attention is drawn to the textile installation "Flowers of Pain" - tulip-shaped objects, reminiscent of patients' experiences, long years of treatment, the patient-doctor relationship, when grateful patients used to donate flowers to doctors. The inventory of the terminated hospital (sheets, pillowslips, medical gowns) was used to create it.
Another object, important for the author, is inspired by the 19th century portrait of Albertina Miunhausen, a senior charité nun (hospital founder), painted by an unknown artist.
The show reflects the long and difficult period of the hospital's existence - from ancient to Soviet times and its closure in 2003. Via author's personal history, the exhibition interconnects into the broader context of Vilnius stories. 
Arūnė Tornau is a painter and creator of installations. 1974-1979 studied at the Vilnius Art Institute. Member of the Lithuanian Artists Association (LDS) since 1990. Participated in many exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, organized over 30 personal exhibitions, carried out art educational projects in Lithuania and abroad. Author and co-author of several art textbooks, numerous articles, several videos, TV and radio shows on art and art pedagogy. She curated painting exhibition projects and created scenography for performances. In 2021, she was awarded the LDS Golden Muse Award.
Opening of the exhibition will be held on the 1st of February, 2022 at 6 PM at the VAA gallery Artifex (Gaono str.1, Vilnius). 
*In accordance with Ministry of Health of The Republic of Lithuania instructions, a respirator must be worn during the opening of the exhibition. Also a valid vaccination passport must be provided to the staff of the gallery.