Eimantė Čekauskaitė exibition "Untitled No. 2" from 30th of November till 16th of December.
Exibition opening  30th November, 17.30 pm

It is urgent to say that I choose not to depict any object or phenomenon existing in the real world. I don’t want to tell a story. I don’t create narratives. There is no correspondence to reality in the prints, I do not portray existing, under the sun-breathing forms. Following the vision of the aesthetics of indifference, I avoid creating any meaning. Long monotonous process of making art denys perception of time, just like the result itself denys beeing in general. The prints with their physical body and technical solutions speak of silence, boredom, and melancholy. 'Untitled no.2' - careless, listless name for that kind of series of intaglio prints. Not all things in the world are easy to explain and with the reader's permission, I stick to my beautiful imagination, that my series of prints are too.

In 2020, Eimantė Čekauskaitė graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts with a bachelor's degree in graphics. The final bachelor's project is presented in the exhibition. It is a series of intaglio (mostly mezzotine) prints and inseparable written work revealing the creative processes and the creator's worldview. Project manager - doc. Jonas Matas Dūda, supervisor of the written work - dr. lect. Rūta Spelskytė.